Laura Ledbetter  
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  Artist's Statement  

Elements of surprise and uncertainty are dominating forces in our modern society.   Our society continues to exemplify the classical themes of man versus man and man versus nature.   Our instinctual desire to succeed and to dominate each other and our natural environment contributes to our current economic conditions. The burst of the housing market followed by the economic recession, revealed our inherent unforeseen vulnerability.  Prior to these events there was a false since of security and awareness.  Through constructed fragments of personal habitats and their relationship to other elements, I expose weaknesses.


By drawing and cut paper applique, I create situations and environments that appear pleasant and appealing from an initial glance, until further investigation. The hierarchical systems are fraught. The environments reveal information about man’s culture, economic position, concerns and preferences.  The people are vague in scale and detail lending them to be nonspecific familiar individuals typifying worry, contemplation, generosity, self-absorption, ignorance and bliss with subdued tones of vulnerability. This body of work explores man.